eternally delicious, golden frozen halloumi fries that are gluten free and packed with protein! our easy to prepare and perfect to share dish. come and join the hallouminati.

Steeped in 2000 years of tradition, this unique cheese forms a crispy golden crust when grilled or fried with each bite uncovering a rich, squeaky centre.

the cheese has a subtle saltiness that fades into a strong savoury bite with a powerful creamy flavour. perfectly balanced and deeply versatile get the key to our mouth-watering recipes from chefs recruited around the globe.

vegetarian and gluten free – hallouminati is taking over the world. join the cheese crazed and cheese curious, be enlightened.

hallouminati houses the eternally delicious, recipe most secret. steeped in 2000 years of tradition, our goal is to deliver our eternally delicious food to our growing secret society.

hallouminati is taking over the world, so join the cheese crazed and cheese curious, be enlightened and be a keeper of the key to secretly golden eternally delicious food.

in ancient times halloumi was known through our secret society as delivering its members with their main source of protein.

villagers would develop their own recipes, adding delicious secret ingredients from settlement to settlement, today our halloumi is made using these secret ancient recipes which is why we hold the key to the eternally delicious golden halloumi fries”