Innovation plays a huge part in our business plan and long term strategy. It’s a fundamental key to our success. As a business we aim to lead our market not just follow it.

Over the last decade we’ve poured significant investment into the technology and machinery that we use to process our cheese, ultimately enabling us to produce in almost any desired format required.

We’re constantly reviewing the way that we do things to ensure that we’re delivering the latest in product trends to our customer. One of our key goals is to build and maintain a reputation as a business that is ahead of our market. We’ve invested heavily into market insights, in a bid to understand our customer, the shopper and the categories that we operate within, in addition we are constantly talking to our customers and consumers, making sure our product range is fulfilling their needs.

We also love to experiment with cheese and take customers on our innovation journey with us, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for on our website/brochure or you’ve got an idea for a new type of cheese or additive we’d love to work with you to bring it to market.

“I believe it’s important to invest in the future, that’s why we’re constantly improving our products and facilities to better serve our customers”

Clare Morgan
Customer Experience Director

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