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Nantwich Cheese launches its very first stand alone consumer website

Nantwich Cheese is proud to announce the launch of its very first stand alone consumer website. Following on from the success of its parent company’s first consumer site, Nantwich Cheese has branched out on its own, offering its full range of consumer products in different combinations and formats, ideal for those looking for a different type of gift or simply to indulge at home.

You can visit the new website at

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Nantwich Cheese launches its first range of ambient products

Nantwich Cheese is proud to announce the launch of its first range of ambient products, featuring biscuits for cheese and jams, chutneys and preserves. This new range compliments our recent launches of new Cheese Selection Wheels and waxed truckle.

Our biscuit range features:
– Classic Water Biscuits
– Butter Water Biscuits
– Chilli Water Biscuits
– Sesame Seed Water Biscuits
– Traditional Oatcakes
– Salt & Pepper Oatcakes

Our Chutneys and Preserves range features:
– Caramelised Red Onion Chutney
– Sun Dried Tomato Chutney
– Ale Chutney
– Tangerine & Champagne Marmalade
– Fruity Gin & Tonic Preserve
– Peach Bellini Preserve
– Beetroot & Orange Chutney
– Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam
– Quince Jelly
– Mango, Lime & Ginger Chutney
– Rhubarb & Ginger Preserve

Available to buy now at and also available for wholesale. Contact us for more information.

You can read more about our biscuit range here:
You can read more about our jams and preserves range here:

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Nantwich Cheese launches its second Cheese Selection Wheel

Due to the success of Nantwich Cheese’s Gourmet Selection Wheel, the business is proud to announce the launch of its second wheel, featuring all spicy flavours. The Heat Selection Wheel talks to the ever expanding market for hot foods and enables lovers of both cheese and spice to indulge on both at the same time.

The Heat Selection Wheel starts from a mild flavour, working round to extreme heat, featuring the Carolina Reaper, officially the hottest chilli in the world!

Heat Wheel flavours:
– Double Gloucester Poblano – Mild (Scoville Rating 1,000 – 2,000)
– Red Leicester Spicy Chorizo – Mild-medium (Scoville Rating N/a, Nantwich Cheese Rating [3])
– Cheddar With Jalapeños – Medium (Scoville Rating 2,500 – 8,000)
– Chipotle Cheddar – Medium (Scoville Rating – 5,000 – 10,000)
– Double Gloucester Cayenne Pepper – Medium – Hot (Scoville Rating 30,000 – 50,000)
– Wasabi Cheddar – Hot (Scoville Rating N/A, Nantwich Cheese Rating [7])
– Scotch Bonnet Cheddar – Very Hot (Scoville Rating 150,000 – 325,000)
– The Carolina Reaper, Officially the hottest chilli in the world – Extreme (Scoville Rating 1,500,000 – 2,200,000)

The wheel is available for consumers to buy from and also available for wholesale. Contact us for more information.

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Nantwich Cheese launches all new waxed cheese truckles

Following on from the phenomenal success of the re-launch of our Cheese Selection Wheel, Nantwich Cheese have launched individual waxed truckles of each of the featured flavours, in 200g wedge-shaped pieces. Available for consumers to buy now at and also available for Wholesale. Contact us for more information.

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Beat Food Group launches its first consumer website featuring Nantwich Cheese

As part of the Group’s drive to offer its products to as much of the UK as possible, Beat Food Group has launched its first e-commerce website with its sole purpose to serve the consumer market. It provides a platform for people to sample the best products we have on offer including Nantwich Cheese sister brands Square Pie and Hallouminati, as well as offering Nantwich Cheese’s flagship selection wheel in time for the festive season. Nantwich Cheese is available on the site at

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Nantwich Cheese re-launches its Cheese Selection Wheel

For years, Nantwich Cheese has been producing Cheese Selection Wheels with classic flavours and varieties of cheese, mainly for the festive season. Now with Christmas approaching once again, the business has completely overhauled the design and variety for 2020, with a view to offer the product all year round.

Our new Gourmet Wheel features:
– Vintage Mature Cheddar
– Double Gloucester, Chives & Onion
– Cheddar with Cracked Black Pepper
– Cheddar with Herbs and Garlic
– Hot Mexican Red Leicester
– Cheddar, Ale & Mustard
– Smokey Mature Cheddar
– Cheddar with Sun Dried Tomato & Basil

With an RRP of £15.00, they are the perfect gift, not just at Christmas but all year round. Available now for Wholesale, contact us for more information

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Sarah Roberts Joins as Group Technical Manager

Beat Food Group and its subsidiaries including Nantwich Cheese are pleased to welcome Sarah Roberts as its new Technical Manager. As well as being responsible for ensuring that we continue to produce our products to the very highest of standards, Sarah will also make certain that we maintain our excellent industry accreditations.

Sarah will be joining the business from Joseph Heller and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help drive change and culture.

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Steve Wall Joins As Group Operations Director

Beat Food Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Steve Wall as Group Operations Director across the Beat Food Group including our Nantwich Cheese, Square Pie and Hallouminati subsidiaries.

Steve brings a wealth of experience from previous senior roles within large production companies and will oversee all Supply Chain, Production and Technical functions across the business.

We wish Steve every success in his new role!

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New Nantwich Cheese Website Launched!

Nantwich Cheese is excited to announce the launch of its new website!

Following the acquisition of Nantwich Cheese by The Beat Food Group, investment has been made into upgrading our website, making it easier for new and existing customers to find us and understand how we can supply them with the best cheese products on the market.

Enjoy browsing our new online home and don’t hesitate to provide us with any feedback you may have.

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Nantwich Cheese Acquired by Beat Food Group

In November 2019, Nantwich Cheese was acquired by the Beat Food Group, a business dedicated to ‘Making Food Famous’!

Beat Food Group already has two hugely successful brands under its belt, Square Pie and Hallouminati, the latter a product already produced by Nantwich Cheese.

Following the acquisition, Nantwich Cheese was immediately given significant investment to expand, plans for which are already in progress and all at Nantwich Cheese are looking forward to even more success in the future!

You can read more about our parent and sister companies on their websites:

Beat Food Group
Square Pie

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